Choosing and/or designing a headstone for a loved one can be a somber, yet rewarding process. You want to make sure the headstone is appealing and represents your loved one well.


Some questions you may ask yourself are:


  • What style of headstone should I go with?
  • What color stone do I like best?
  • What text and designs will go on the headstone?


This guide is a good resource for anyone choosing a headstone for a loved one. Below is a list of steps you can follow for choosing/designing the perfect headstone.


Picking a Style of Headstone


There are many styles of headstones to choose from. The most popular types of headstones are:


  • Flat Headstones (or grass markers) – are set flat and flush to the ground. Typically rectangular in shape
  • Bevel Headstones – same as a flat headstone but bevel headstones are raised and cut on a slight angle like a wedge
  • Slant Headstones – stand upright and the cut of the headstone’s face is slanted. Can be set with or without a base
  • Upright Headstones – tablet style headstone that sits on a sturdy base
  • Memorial Benches – the three most common types of memorial benches are: park bench, pedestal bench, and harp leg bench
  • Custom Headstones – headstones that are 100% personalized and unique and can range in size and design

picture of headstone styles

Headstone Styles

Picking the Headstone Color


Most headstones are made from granite due to the following reasons:


  • Durability – granite is a hard stone which will last a lifetime and beyond
  • Maintenance – granite headstones require little maintenance and can withstand harsh environmental conditions
  • Variety – granite stone comes in a large variety of colors


Below is a list of granite colors to choose from. Please note that the ‘White Marble’ is marble and not granite.

picture of different granite headstone colors

picture of different granite headstone colors

Granite Headstone Colors


Headstone Wording & Design/Artwork


Now that you’ve decided on the style and color of the headstone, it is time to decide what will appear on the headstone. 


The inscription (wording and designs/artwork) style can help differentiate your loved one’s headstone from others and make it more unique. The 3 most common inscriptions on a headstone are:


  • the deceased’s name
  • the deceased’s date of birth
  • the deceased’s date of death

Other common wording inscriptions include:

  • the deceased’s wedding date
  • the deceased’s childrens names
  • an epitaph – a short message in memory of the deceased


Common designs and artwork:

  • Hobbies
  • Scenery


Accents: (Additional Enhancements)


Below is a list of additional headstone enhancements to choose from. These are optional enhancements that can help personalize headstones.


  • Special Artwork
  • Porcelain Photo
  • Laser Etching (Black Granite Headstones Only)
  • Vases or Flower Holes
  • Shape Carving/Sculpting
  • Bronze Hero Medallions
  • Bronze Vet Plaques

We hope this headstone guide has been helpful. To get started on designing a headstone for yourself or a loved one, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page or call us at (435) 752-4949.