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Upright Memorials

Slant Memorials

Slant headstones are very similar to upright headstones with a few exceptions. Slant headstones are vertical in the back but slanted in the front, giving the bottom of the die a more stocky shape. Because of this, a base is not required on slant gravestones in order to make them sturdy. However, bases for slant headstones are still very much desired.

Companion Memorials

A companion or double monument is a headstone that marks two burial plots right next to each other. These headstones are most commonly for a husband and wife but can are also used for siblings, couples, or any two people that were somehow connected in life.

Grass Markers

Like the name suggests, flat headstones are level with the ground. Flat headstones can be set flush (completely level) with the ground or set raised (1-4”). Flat markers are rectangle in shape and usually 4 inches thick.

bevel headstone is raised slightly higher in the back than in the front, giving a stone a slight slope. Bevel headstones are thicker than flat headstones at 6 inches thick.

Custom Memorials

If you need a custom designed headstone that is unique and stands out from the rest, let us know and we can take your idea and make it a reality. You can personalize the headstone any way you want, the possibilities are endless. 

Bench Memorials

Bench headstones have been used not only in cemeteries as grave markers, but in public areas as well. They offer a nice place to sit and reflect loved ones and the beautiful surroundings. 


Types of masoleums include walk-in masoleums, above-ground burial vaults, family masoleums, personal 1 crypt, and 2 crypt.

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